Two ingredient pancakes (banana & egg)

I would like to start off with a favourite among parents. The two ingredient pancakes are a very easy and quick breakfast. Simply mash up a banana with a fork and add an egg. Swirl the mixture around and then place it in a little frying pan (lined with rapeseed oil). Either all at once for one medium-sized pancake which can be cut into pieces after frying or place about four little bits of the mixture in separate corners of the pan (this seems a bit messy though as the mixture is not thick enough to just stay in one place) . Cook thoroughly and don’t forget to turn over.

The pancakes are, thanks to the banana, sweet and healthy at the same time without any added sugar or sweeteners.

There are endless possibilities as to what can be added. For instance, a bit of grated carrot and apple work out really well as additional ingredients.

I usually go for the variant which puts the entire mixture in all at once. Per banana/egg, you get one medium-sized pancake. So, if there are three people in your house for breakfast, you’ll need three of each. My baby doesn’t eat a whole pancake by herself and some people might like two but I’d class one pan of pancake as one serving.

One serving.

This recipe is suitable for vegetarians, it is gluten-free and dairy-free.

Which combinations have you tried?


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