Welcome to Family Food!

I created this page for all the mums, dads, grandparents, carers and everyone else who is looking for recipes and ideas on what to prepare for their families, especially those with babies. When I first started weaning my daughter onto solids, she was so curious to try everything I let her have. Therefore, I frequently found myself on the hunt for healthy and quick recipes because she wouldn’t wait around for long before she got bored of whatever I gave her to play with. This blog contains a collection of the recipes I found, tried and approve of and I hope they are as useful for you as they are for us.

As we are doing baby-led weaning, the recipes are suitable for the whole family but there is a focus on healthy, baby-friendly food.

Feel free to browse and try the recipes we publish. If you’d like to send in a recipe, please use the contact form. Thank you!


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