There is a saying in German which translates roughly to all good things come in threes. This couldn’t be more true for Guacamole. The trinity of success when it comes to Guacamole comprises of the fact that, firstly, it is super healthy and super tasty. No one can argue with that, it’s a fact of life. This second one I’m not gonna put out there as a fact, it’s merely a claim and probably a bit controversial but I’m still gonna say it. That’s because for me, it’s true and a big advantage of Guacamole – there are many, many ways to make it and it’s still super tasty. Even if you don’t have all the ingredients, even if you don’t have the exact amounts that are stated in a recipe. In fact, I tend to adapt the recipe spontaneously and it always comes out tasty and more or less the same. The third good thing is something most people would agree with. Guacamole is very versatile. You can eat it in a wrap on its own, with a burrito or a taco, or for instance, as a salad dressing. Whatever you decide to do with it, you can enjoy this little piece of paradise without any guilt, you’re doing your body a favour, really. I don’t think Guacamole NEEDS an essay about why it’s so amazing but if you ever ask yourself whether to have Guacamole or something else – just refer back to this blog entry. In the meantime, enjoy your Guacamole!

There are five ingredients I deem a must, others are nice add-ons but can also add up and turn your quick shop into a rather expensive one. The must-haves are avocados, tomatoes, spring oninos, lime juice and coriander leaves(fresh or dried). The beauty of this recipe is that nothing is set in stone. There is a lot of variation and “add to taste” when it comes to Guacamole.

I like to use one medium avocado mashed, 2 medium tomatoes chopped into little cubes, 2 spring onions chopped up and the juice of c. 1/4 lime. I like to leave it chunky but if you prefer to blend it all up, go ahead! At this point, it is ready to serve. Nice add-ons include chilis and salt (although I would not add any salt for babies and toddlers).

If you live in the U.K., I found there to be several good offers on avocados. Most of the time, I buy them in Morrisons as they are part of the Wonky Fruit range. Sometimes they are included in the Aldi Super 6 range.
What is your secret to delicious Guacamole? Do you eat it on its own, in a wrap or as a dip? Leave a comment if you’d like to share.




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